Friday, March 5, 2010

TAGGED: Loring-Walker Neighborhood, Mpls

Placed on NO PARKING sign at the corner of Lyndale Avenue and Oak Grove near the Loring Park walk bridge - March 2010.


  1. I pass this corner on foot at least twice a week, and saw your guerilla knitting this past week -- what an awesome, hilarious, fuzzy incarnation of graffiti! You rock!!!! :D

  2. Hey, RandomKnit!
    I posted two photos of the Loring Park signwarmer on Facebook, and people think your project is SO COOL, and now they're suggesting places and things you should fibertag! One suggestion I thought was awesome was the statues in front of the courthouse - the ones I refer to as "blob guys" (and "blob gal").
    Some of them could use some support garments, and accessories!
    Just a thought.
    Keep up the crafty work! :D

  3. Saw this on my corner this weekend. Absolutely love what you're doing! Was there a different one at same corner last year?